The Unit for Child Development

Hapaot Center is a registered Community Unit for Child Development under the supervision of the Israeli Ministry of Health.

We offer occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and psychological therapy.

Tirat Carmel children, ages birth to age six years old, can receive treatments from us covered by of the various public health funds. Tirat Carmel children aged 7 to 9, or children who are not residents of Tirat Carmel, can purchase treatments privately.

What Makes Us Spacial?

Children develop differently and not every deviation from the norm is problematic. On the other hand, it is important to remember that early detection of developmental delays and appropriate treatment will help the child better integrate with their peers, prevent the accumulation of frustrations and improve their quality of life.

Here are some points to think about that may help you decide if and when you should seek consultation and treatment:

In any case, if you – or other significant adults in your child’s life – are concerned, it is important that you contact your pediatrician and begin a procedure to obtain a diagnosis in the child’s development.

Still have questions? Feel free to consult us by phone 048575216 (Ask for Miri Dag – Coordinator of the Child Development Unit)

שלוחה ראשית: מבנה חצב – רח’ חצב 1 טירת כרמל | מבנה אלמוג – רח’ אלמוג 3 טירת כרמל  | מעון קשת – רח’ בן צבי 24 א טירת כרמל 
טל: 8575216 -04 /04-9539001   פקס: 8570776 – 04

כל הזכויות שמורות למרכז לפעו”ט 2021

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