TAHEL – Training and Support for Preschools and Daycare Centers

Studies show that training and guidance within educational frameworks provides staff with valuable assistance, reduces burnout and staff turnover, and most importantly – improves the quality of care for the children.

In TAHEL, a professional from Hapaot Center helps early childhood educators process dilemmas, shares tools to work successfully with children, staff and parents, and provides updates on current pedagogical and developmental content.

In addition, our speech and occupational therapists are available to observe children exhibiting developmental delays, recommend further treatment if necessary, help mediate the information to parents and provide staff with guidance on how to work with the child in the educational setting.

שלוחה ראשית: מבנה חצב – רח’ חצב 1 טירת כרמל | מבנה אלמוג – רח’ אלמוג 3 טירת כרמל  | מעון קשת – רח’ בן צבי 24 א טירת כרמל 
טל: 8575216 -04 /04-9539001   פקס: 8570776 – 04 merkazhapaot@gmail.com

כל הזכויות שמורות למרכז לפעו”ט 2021

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