The “Maagan” Program

The Maagan program was developed by the Ministry of Education to assist children with developmental delays integrate and thrive in kindergarten.

In Tirat Carmel, Hapaot Center operates Maagan in 26 kindergartens throughout the city.

The Maagan team – consisting of occupational therapists, educational counselors and therapists – works in collaboration with the kindergarten teachers and staff to identify, support and integrate children with developmental delays.


Program Objectives:

  • Identify children with developmental delays, tailor an individual intervention program for them within the kindergarten, and monitor their progress.
  • Instruct kindergarten teachers regarding the integration of children with special needs.
  • Refer children with developmental delays to receive official diagnosis and treatment.
  • Encourage kindergarten teachers to utilize the services available to them in the community and facilitate collaborations with them.
  • To instruct kindergarten teachers on issues relating to child motor, sensory, verbal and emotional development.
שלוחה ראשית: מבנה חצב – רח’ חצב 1 טירת כרמל | מבנה אלמוג – רח’ אלמוג 3 טירת כרמל  | מעון קשת – רח’ בן צבי 24 א טירת כרמל 
טל: 8575216 -04 /04-9539001   פקס: 8570776 – 04

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