From Risk to Opportunity

“From Risk to Opportunity” is a program of the National Ministry of Social Services that aims to integrate toddlers with developmental delays from at-risk families within regular daycare centers.

As part of the program, the toddlers receive developmental treatments in a designated room inside the daycare center. In addition, their families receive guidance and support. The treatments are accompanied by daycare staff, who can then utilize the tools they were exposed to and ccontinue to promote the child during the daycare’s daily routine.


In Tirat Carmel, the “From Risk to Chance” program is operated by an occupational therapist and a speech therapist from the Child Development Unit of Hapaot Center, and accompanied by a social worker from the Department of Social Services.

מסיכוי לסיכון
מסיכוי לסיכון

"From Risk to Opportunity" is based on a number of pillars that guide Hapaot Center in all we do:

  • Understanding that the first three years of a toddler's life constitute a significant developmental window of opportunity, and therefore early detection and treatment of developmental delays is critical.
  • 2. Understanding that treatments that take place in the child's natural environment - in this case the daycare center - are more effective.
  • 3. Placing an emphasis on investing in at-risk children as a way to influence social mobility and help each and every child reach their full potential.
שלוחה ראשית: מבנה חצב – רח’ חצב 1 טירת כרמל | מבנה אלמוג – רח’ אלמוג 3 טירת כרמל  | מעון קשת – רח’ בן צבי 24 א טירת כרמל 
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